What gifts can you buy for cryptocurrency?

Uncategorized December 20, 2018


What gifts can you buy for cryptocurrency?

New Year holidays are coming.

If you accidentally have a few digital coins in your wallet, and still have not bought gifts to your relatives, the article will be useful to you.

We tried to make a detailed guide where you can buy New Year gifts for cryptocurrency.


If you like to give noble gifts, donation is a great idea. Here are some funds that are working on issues that are beneficial for society.

  • Autism Speaks is responsible for research and funding education in the sphere of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Code to Inspire helps young Afghan women learn how to program.
  • Heifer International provides livestock training for impoverished communities in developing countries.
  • The Water Project helps sub-Saharan people stay with fresh water.


A certificate is a card with value, which can be spent in some company. For Bitcoin on the Gyft website, you can buy certificates from Nike, Starbucks, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Domino’s. The website helps to make quick and commission-free purchases, at the same time explaining the essence of Bitcoin.

Around the World on New Year

It is now possible to pay for a trip (for example, New Year’s) with Bitcoin.

Take a look at the AirBaltic airline website: it was one of the first to implement the feature to purchase tickets for its flights across Europe and Russia using digital coins.

Bitcoin payments, however, are only available for Basic tickets, or in case the ticket is purchased no later than five days before departure.

You can book and pay for accommodation at the hotel will the help of Expedia travel agency or the intermediary website Travelforcoins.


Make-up and other beauty products can be bought with a certificate from the above-mentioned Gyft website or via the Lolli app.


Famous American jewelry network REEDS Jewelers offers to buy any jewelry, watches or precious metals for Bitcoin. If you make a purchase online, the company promises to deliver the parcel for free.

Anything from Overstock, Amazon or fatcats.market

The entire assortment available on the world-famous online trading sites Overstock, Amazon or fatcats.market can be bought with cryptocurrency.

The very first platform which started accepting BTC in 2014 was Overstock, a large online store offering discounts on clothing and household items.

For example, these wine glasses can be bought with Bitcoin for 0.025 BTC.

With Amazon, a crypto purchase is harder to make. More precisely, it is impossible to do, because the website itself does not provide such an option.

But many companies, for example, Gift, help people sell items from the American Internet site using a coupon or gift certificate.

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