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Encrypted video calls with built-in payments

Host a video meeting with no sign ups, downloads and limits

Create Room

highly secure

No servers, peer-to-peer encrypted connection between devices


Make online payments right in the Room with your PlasmaPay account


All you need to create or join room is to open the link in any browser

Group Calling

Number of users in a group call is limited only by the speed of internet connection

HD Video and Sound

Your connection will have the highest quality of the picture and sound

Unlimitted Calls

Calls are not limited by time or geolocation
Coming soon..

Built-in Payments

Available directly in any Room with PlasmaPay account

Request Money

Send invoice and collect money from other Room participant


Charge a subsctiption fee from participants with per-minute billing

Paid Entrance

Charge a Room entrance fee from each new participant

Send Money

Unlimited multi-currency transfers between participants of the Room

Early bird program

First 1.000 subscribers will receive a real Digital Cash $$$ to their accounts on PlasmaPay to test payments in conference Rooms

Video platform for professionals

Rooms &


Secured conference and meetings
Rooms &


Promote and sell online
Rooms &


Train and Teach online
Rooms &


Video consultation and invoicing
Rooms &


Stream the moments and earn
Rooms &


Video consultation and invoicing

Create Rooms in-one-click

Add the Rooms link in bookmarks in your browser or on your phone Home Screen. Use Rooms in one click. No App downloading needed. Try it now!

For Mobile

Browser >  Add to Home Screen (How to?)

For Desktop

Browser >  Add to Bookmarks (How to?)
🙏 Please, add Rooms Link to Bookmarks
Rooms LifeHack

How to create eternal Rooms
for your Team and Friends

Create a Room
Enter your Room
Add to bookmarks
Use this bookmarked link any time, give it a name and it will be always private room for those who have this link
Privacy First

Why Rooms is the most
secured calls in the World?

All messengers and conference apps have a middleman servers to listen, store and processing all shared data between devices. This model has a lot of vectors of cyber attack that can be used by hackers or by company's employees to steal, disclose or sell this data on black market

Plasma Rooms protocol connects devices directly with each other using end-to-end encryption. The data (voice, video, files) is not stored anywhere, network traffic can not be listen by anyone, and all call's data will be instantly destroyed after you leave the Room

Cybersecurity Best Practises

No servers and apps

Our infrastructure does not have any vectors for a cyber attack, as we don't have any servers and you don't install any applications

No fingerprints

You don't share any private data with us such as an email or your geolocation. We also don't collect and process any data

End-to-end encryption

All video, audio and data are sent via end-to-end encryption channel between devices

Crypto Payments

For anonymous payments and transfers in Rooms, we are using underlayer blockchain processing and stable cryptocurrencies

Design. Code. Innovate.

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API platform

If you are developing social network, marketplace, virtual event space or any service that need encrypted conference rooms, you can use our API to generate multifunctional Rooms.

Mask and Effects

Design your own masks or effects for Rooms face and BG tracking. You can publish it in Rooms marketplace for free or set your price on this digital asset.

Rooms DAO

Rooms are existing as a no-server and no-company web 4.0 application. It is based on the DAO smart contracts and managed by open and autonomous developer community.

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