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OPEN Distributed Ledger
Technology for #DeFi,

The first capitalistic blockchain with LpPOS consensus for decentralized finance
Our mission is to digitalize finance of the global digital economy and capitalize of Growth Digital Product (GDP)

What is PlasmaDLT

Connecting the blockchain technology with financial world

We are proud to present the Plasma Distributed Ledger Technology - a public blockchain that combines security, supporting of smart contracts, scalability in terms of speed and data storage optimisation, with economically reasonable operating expenses of producer’s nodes and with minimum transaction costs.

We made our infrastructure for dApps, financial apps and game developers. And it is free of charge!

Plasma is the core token of the blockchain. It is the utility token, fully backed of the internal digital assets of the system, without unsecured emissions, and algorithmic pricing, which regulates the internal economy of the system resources.

In cooperation with financial institutions and blockchain developers we are building the decentralized world of financial products and services. It will make them accessible for the entire population of the world.

Core financial assets

Internal system tokens pegged to the price and properties of external assets
Smart contracts on the blockchain can interact with any core token with zero fee


stable coins

USDp, EURp, RUBp, CHFp, GBPp, AUDp, JPYp, CADp, HRDp + 31 more

Fully collateral with fiat in decentralized depositaries in financial institutions. Each token is pegged to a national currency and utilizes Oracle system on the nodes to retrieve an accurate exchange rate.



Bitcoin - BTCp
Ethereum - ETHp
Dash - Dashp

A network of connectors on nodes are used for the atomic swap between the main chain of cryptocurrency and PlasmaDLT. You’ll get the same amount of crypto token in our payment network with the highest TPS and security.


commodities ETF

WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude oil, Natural Gas, Gold spot, Copper, Silver spot

Corn, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar

New financial instruments for creation an advanced trading strategy on the crypto market.The instrument for trading companies to construct smart contracts.


financial assets


DJI, S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40, Nikkei 225..

An alternative way for mass adoption of buying and selling world's popular financial assets for the population of developers counties. Instruments for programmable trading strategy on the crypto market.

Core algorithmic assets

Tokens are involved in the internal economy of assets stabilization and managing of network resources


Crypto 30

SDR Fiat 35




Multi-asset backed core stable token with algorithmic price model


Internal technical token for renting the main network resources (CPU, RAM, NET)




Top-30 cryptocurrency basket weighted by total capitalization and system trade volume, with crypto collateral


Stabilization of internal crypto reserves. Index for crypto investors and funds




Currency basket weighted by reserved 35 fiat currency and stabilized by 10 Year Treasury Notes of countries


Global reserve currency. Stabilization of fiat reserves and inflation compensation tool

Core algorithmic assets

Tokens are involved in the internal economy of assets stabilization and managing of network resources





Multi-asset backed core token with algorithmic price model


Internal technical currency for renting the main network memory

SDR Crypto




Top-30 cryptocurrency basket weighted by total capitalization and system trade volume, with crypto collateral


Stabilization of internal crypto reserves. Index for crypto investors and funds

SDR Fiat




Currency basket weighted by reserved 35 fiat currency and stabilized by 10 Year Treasury Notes of countries


Global reserve currency. Stabilization of fiat reserves and inflation compensation tool

Target use cases

Decentralized Finance #DeFi

We build a stable and self-sufficient digital platform for global access to financial, investment and wealth products

Digital assets

Tokenize different assets (precious metals, real estate, property rights) and build products with collateralization tokens.


Build a product for borrowing and lending crypto and stable currency without KYC and bank account required, using programmable money and smart contracts.

Scoring / KYC

Global, transparent, relevant, affordable and secure database of KYC/AML and scoring information on account holders in different blockchains.


Building derivative smart contact with underlying assets to hedge your business and share your risks with market players and speculates. New tools for CFD, option and prediction market.

Debt market

Tokenized your collateralized debt obligation (CDO) to hedge risk or create a security debt token for tokenized your bonds.


Create insurance derivatives to hedge you from risks and trade it on the insurance pool. Build smart contracts for auto insurance payouts.

Investment products

Indexes, robo-trading and portfolio managers use transparent and secure smart contracts and real-time data of any financial instruments.

Monetary policy | CBDC

The platform, infrastructure and integration tools for central banks to issue stable national cryptocurrency (CBDC), control supply and taxation.

Game Economy


In-Game Economy

Create user’s accounts with options to make payments and processing transactions in any application or game. Now we offer this service for free by connecting the processing with our public blockchain solution.

API documentation

Tokenized Items

Tokenized game items (NFT) can be stored and exchanged between users outside of the game app. Create your marketplace and give users full control on their assets. Don't lose your revenue from p2p trading of these assets.

Request for consultation

Game Transparency


Provably Fair

Implement the “provably fairness” concept into your game or build fully decentralized gambling dapp with auto payouts to gamers using transparent and trustful smart contracts and blockchain processing.

Request for contract examples

RNG on chain

Using Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm in smart contracts your digital lottery games will be more popular, transparent and credible system for the participants. Using stable currencies, you can reach global coverage of the game.

Request for contract examples

Financial Institution | EMI | PSP

Cross-border payment

The digital tokens of stable currencies will enable real-time settlement times, unlike the existing SEPA/SWIFT system that can take days, allowing corporations to execute cross-border payments instantly.

Currency exchange

In cross-border payment, the big inefficient part is the interchange market. PlasmaDLT payment processor provides cross-currency swap at the moment of the transaction at the current foreign exchange rate.

Settlement system

Tokenize your fiat currencies and financial assets to improve their liquidity. Move your cash or other assets between institutions and clients without wire transfers and clearing house. Speed is a new opportunity for revenue.

Online payment / POS

Improve your payment system security and user experience. Build payment acquiring for your merchants and your direct customers without card intermediate using the second layer of blockchain processing.

DLT technology

The fastest and cheapest blockchain for high-frequency dapps and financial services


The system of Oracles is maintained at each node and connected to external sources of financial data, like crypto exchanges, forex markets, stock exchanges, and others. At each block, the system of oracles is forming a consensus price of the network for each asset and write in at the block.

Decentralized exchange protocol

The exchange protocol allows you to exchange instantly any internal network asset to another using internal reserved liquidity pool or a decentralized order book.

Smart Contracts

Processing of smart contacts on blockchain is supported by stack-based virtual machine WebAssembly. Compiler supports contacts that are written on high-level languages like C/C++/JavaScript.

Fiat and crypto connectors

Each node has custody protocol for maintaining information on fiat reserves in connected financial institutions. For supporting cryptocurrency reserves of the off-chain network and liquidity of crypto indexes we hold unique addresses of connectors at partner's exchanges and crypto wallets.


Financial institutions that connected our validation nodes can be authorized centers of fiat settlement, custody or digitize fiat currency reserves of their own or their clients.

Voting / DAO

In vote system for key network events (resolution of disputes, fight against fraud, network, and contract updates), participate only 21 nodes with the most substantial stake of Plasma token. In voting on the main issues of network development, road map and other events can participate in all network accounts, and each has only one vote. It highly democratizes and decentralizes of the decision making and developing the network.


At this stage of the project development, only authorized project partners, such as stock exchanges, wallets, mining pools, and financial institutions can support validating nodes.In the future, the project will be completely decentralized and open source.

Financial consensus

LpPos - Liquid provides Proof-of-Stake is a capitalist consensus in which validating nodes are the beneficiaries of the revenue of internal financial flows and receive rewards from every block depending on the funds turnover of the network and their stake of a stable currency.

Transaction Speed
~160,000 tps
Block Time
0.5 sec
Explorer: Live.
Permission: Developers Only.
Node: Authorized holders.
Transaction fee in Fiat
0.01 %
Transaction fee in Plasma
0.005 %


Scaling of DLT's resources let us accelerate blockchain to more than 100.000 TPS if it financially and technically sound market demand.Network scaling depends on the number of producer nodes, as well as the allocated network capacity. The state of the network is monitored, and its automatic scale or descale of resources occurs to maintain the economic feasibility of the allocated resources.

Mining / Block Producer

50% of transaction fees are distributed between 21 validating nodes; the rest of the funds are distributed among the remaining nodes. With the growth of the network, the consensus of 21 nodes and 50% will be rebuilt for the most honest distribution of the network rewards across all participants. Nodes that provide oracles with data about prices and other statistics of external assets will receive an additional reward from the network.

Plasma Alliance

Powerful community to win the crypto race

We support the global alliance of experts, financial, technology and crypto companies with general principles and views on the development of the crypto industry.

Main reasons and principles of the Alliance:
  • Supporting each project in marketing and financial
  • Work on cryptocurrency adoption and mass education
  • Hosting events and meetings on essential topics
  • Formation of a typical community position and protection of interests of the crypto industry before regulators
  • Creation of financial and crypto literacy among the population
  • Project and product collaborations
  • Professional developer environment
  • Help MVP projects with resources and development
  • Reducing the number of unsuccessful and scam projects in the industry
  • Accelerate each other in developing product and user growth

We invite projects and teams to become a part of the Alliance and Plasma Ecosystem, to create and develop new projects, solutions and markets together:

  • Crypto Wallets & Payment systems
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Landing platform
  • Escrow platform
  • Exchanges with tokenized financial assets
  • Financial services (remittance, acquiring)
  • OTC brokers and desks
  • Digital mortgages
  • Merchant services
  • Payroll and payout services
  • PoS providers
  • Marketplaces, e-commerce
  • Freelance job websites
If you have a useful economic or technical expertise, we will be glad to see you in our pool of advisors. Send us an email to or submit this form and we will add you to the private group.

Benefits for dApp developers

Awesome onboarding for new users

Working on mass adoption of crypto we have developed a secured module for authorization for dapps, so your new user doesn't need to install an additional browser extensions, they even don't need to have a crypto wallet and know what the BTC is. Going through the 3 steps of an onboarding process for dapp, your new user creates and activates a blockchain account, buys crypto with a card and authorizes in your dapp.
It's open for your dapp the entire global market and new marketing and traffic channels.

Easy and secure transfer of smart contracts from other networks

If you already have a decentralized application running on the Ethereum, EOS or TRON blockchain, you can easily transfer it and deploy the contract to our network. In addition to technical support from the core team and our community, as well as the necessary documentation, testnet, and sample of contracts, you will get free technical and security audits before deploying to the mainet.

Stable assets for decentralized applications

Due to the big amount of internal stable tokens in the blockchain, you can request and obtain the rights to use them in your contract or dapps, thereby allowing users to use their country's national currency instead of unknown tokens. It increases the credibility of your product, and also allows you to withdraw the developer's commission to Fiat instantly.

Discord Dev Chat
I am a developer. I want to build my dApp on Plasma

Send us request to or submit this form and you will get IDE and developer tools. It includes an information base for project development from scratch or integration with a ready-made project, the ability to develop components of your project based on Plasma, CLI to compile and deploy your product to Plasma testnet, libraries to connect authentication, KYC or payment modules of system. After a security audit of your contacts by our team, it will be deployed into main net of PlasmaDLT. Link to Dev and API documentation.

Уou are on the edge of a new universe of decentralized finance
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Dream team of PlasmaDLT

We are an international group of highly skilled developers, cyber securities, doctors of economics, business and technical architects. Our mission is to build a global platform for the digital economy and help with transformation governance and companies with new technology. We provide the infrastructure of programmable financial assets and support developers that create new financial products. Our platform democratizes access to the global economy for developing countries and enthusiast developers.