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the most promising digital assets

Blockchain assets and cryptocurrency

You can open blockchain account and create wallets in any of the top technologically advanced crypto-currencies

Stable asset-backed tokens

Crypto asset with stable price without any volatility and means legally-enforceable certificates of ownership of the US dollar

Tokens and digital collectibles

The future model of ownership and tokenized economy. Hold any contract or e-things in your wallet

Send and receive
payments globally

Buy, store and manage

Pay online with
ZERO commission fee

Receive Bitcoin and Withdraw to Bank or Visa/MC Card

Request and receive money from friends or companies in BTC

Buy Bitcoin or DeFi tokens with a credit card

Instant, safe and transparent

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VISA / Mastercard supported here
SWIFT / SEPA supported here too

Crypto/Fiat account
for un- / underbanked business and entrepreneurs

Move your company to digital offshore

42 currencies account

Bitcoin account

Invoicing system

Crypto Checkout

Global Card Acquiring

Accept Bank Wires

Payout / Payroll

Funds Management

No Service Fee

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Open API to Digital Finance

For Business and Developers

Crypto and Card Checkout integration
Dapp development
Bitcoin/Ethereum processor
Bitcoin checkout integration
Plasma and 42 stable currency processing
Smart contract development
Crypto oAuth protocol for dapps
API documentation

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