Node program is limited, you can order the Alliance Node till the 30th of June, 2020

Get up to 80% ROI as a Alliance Node
on Plasma blockchain

One year node program for mining pools and individual miners


Silver Node

Daily Reward
1 year
Annual ROI
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Golden Node

Best Choice 🚀
Daily Reward
1 year
Annual ROI
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Platinum Node

Daily Reward
1 year
Annual ROI
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Every day blockchain produces Plasma currency and payout it to the Nodes
Mainet of financial blockchain Plasma was launched successfully in 2Q 2019.
For mass adoption of Plasma currency by e-commerces and developers, We have launched a program of increased Plasma rewards for Alliance Nodes.

What is Plasma?

Economic model

Plasma is a global stable cryptocurrency, similar to fiat money. It is independent from any political or economic events, monetary policies or inflation. Plasma is a perfect tool to save and transfer value

Mining process

Plasma doesn't have a pre-mining like other currency, that protects it from hidden inflation and depreciation. Blockchain issues Plasma currency as a small fee from every transaction and rewards block producers (Nodes) with it

Pricing model

Plasma has an algorithmic pricing model based on weighted basket of all assets (fiat, crypto, commodities, etc.) issued on Plasma blockchain. All real assets in custody become a collateral for issued Plasma currency

What is PBK?

Address of PBK smart contract

PBK (PlasmaBank token) is an ERC-20 utility token issued on Ethereum blockchain. PBK is used as internal PlasmaPay platform token to pay for services, to use an API platform and as a bridge between Plasma DEX (1Q 2020) and Ethereum blockchain.

Basic price: 1 PBK = $0,02;  Total emission: 10B;  Tokenholders > 7,700;
Tokens in turnover < 1%;  Token type: Utility.

Plasma Blockchain Core Specification

Transaction Speed
~160,000 tps
Block Time
0.5 sec
Block Size
1 mb
Node rewards from fee
50 %
/ 50 %
General producer / Alliance
Transaction Fee in Fiat
0.01 %
Transaction Fee in Plasma
0.005 %
LiquidyPOS on BFT
Explorer: Live
Permission: Developers Only
Node: Authorized holders

Type of Nodes in PlasmaDLT

21 General

General Nodes that validate block first and participate in the vote on governance model


405 Authorized community nodes with increased reward in Plasma


Public community nodes by developers, get rewards in Plasma from transaction fee


Node stores a blockchain history and data to provide a scalable DB solution for external applications

Bank node

Emission center of stable currency and custody of financial reserves

KYC node

Node that encrypts and stores the verification docs and ID data of accounts

PSP node

Emission center of stable currency. This nodes provide the plasma currency to merchants

Enterprise node

Company uses a public blockchain for tokenized assets or transfer a value between a group of companies

White Paper

How to become our partner 

and set up an Alliance Node?

Create account on
Activate ETH wallet
Activate Plasma account
Buy PBK token with card/bank wire on or with BTC via support chat
Send PBK token on lockup account for 12 month (ask on-site support chat)
Get active key from your account PlasmaDLT
Setup your Plasma node
Register your producer node via support chat
Get Reward in Plasma currency daily!

Technical requirements

To ensure the sustainability and scalability of the network, all Nodes’ holders should provide minimum server infrastructure requirements and maximum SLA.
Minimum specification: 250 Mbit/s+
High availability (SLA): 99.9999%
500 GB of free disk space
Accessible at a minimum read/write speed of 100 MB/s
4 cores of CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory (RAM)

Important links


Docker image and documentation of Alliance Node for Liberty mainet and test Node for Friedman Testnet

Go to Docker


Documentation for setup a node and examples of smart contract on PlasmaDLT. Begin to develop smart contracts and financial dApp with us

Go to GitHub


One-click & one-stop solution to launch Plasma Masternode at cost effective cloud data centers  of DigitalOcean.
Plasma Node will be available soon in DO marketplace

Coming soon

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