“Chinese Google” invented the blockchain of the new generation

World news September 27, 2018


“Chinese Google” invented the blockchain of the new generation

Chinese search giant Baidu published white paper v1.0. In the document, developers introduce the Super Chain network system.

White paper also says that Super Chain is several times more efficient than the “traditional” blockchain. Its operation does not require powerful hardware: nodes operate on multi-core parallel computing. They maximize the performance of processors and thus increase the network bandwidth.

According to the developers, the platform can be used almost everywhere:

– food safety;
– products quality control;
– control of issues in the sphere of retail trade;
– production;
– financing of supplies;
– intellectual property;
– tourism;
– social networks.

By the way,  a bit earlier the Baidu team introduced the blockchain engine X-Chain compatible with the bitcoin and Ethereum protocols with a bandwidth of up to 100 thousand transactions per second.

It seems that China’s largest search network is not going to stay in the backyard of the global blockchain race. Let’s see how effective Super Chain will be in reality.

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