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Accept credit cards, Bitcoin,
and crypto payments on your website

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1000+ companies accept bitcoin

Get all benefits of crypto payments

lightning fast

One second transactions speed. Get funds instantly and use them immediately


Your account is borderless and covers 190+ countries


You are independent of banks or payment systems rules, your account and funds are under your complete control

No Chargeback

Your client cannot cancel the transaction as in centralized payment systems


No one sets you limits on the size, volume or amount of the transaction


Payments in stable crypto currency remove any price volatility that you have in classic cryptocurrency


Blockchain is the most secure storage of financial assets
and data


Your account and transaction data is private and impersonal for public blockchain

Competitive with other
payment methods

Transaction cost

Accept cryptocurrency anywhere

On website

Connect gateway or integrate a widget for accepting Bitcoin and stable cryptocurrency on your website or blog

In App & Dapp

Integrate our gateway or the  payment processing and let your users pay with stable currency inside your app

By email & Messenger

Create business invoice and send it by email or messenger. Your customer will pay in crypto currency with volatility protection

In Retail

Accept Bitcoin and other crypto currency payments using invoice system in our mobile app

In e-commerce

Use our plugin for all popular e-commerce cms to acquire payments global

Payment methods for checkout


Your customer can buy digital currencies instantly on checkout screen with their V/MC card and pay with it for their purchase or invoice

digital currency

Customer can use any wallet that supports bitcoin and make a payment with native cryptocurrency. You can fix price of invoice in any fiat currency

PAyment systems

Your customers can pay with popular payment system as Skrill, Neteller, Wechat, Alipay

fiat Currency

The most popular payment method in our system is fiat backed stable cryptocurrencies. We support account in 42 currencies


Make auto and manual mass payout or payroll in 42 currencies without any limits to any country

Invest / Store

Store your crypto and stable currency in the wallet or build a portfolio from popular cryptocurrency


Make cross-border payments to your contractors and partners or program your model of revenue share and make payment automatically

Deposit to bank

Exchange crypto or stable currency and withdraw it to the bank account

Use of crypto funds

Special cases


Program your cashback service and put rewards on autopilot


Automate payments for your referral marketing and other promo


Programmable motivational programs for your clients, points or badges

Integration / API for Digital Business

Open API

PlasmaPay Rest API let you integrate invoicing, acquiring,  account and transactions at the way you need it in your service

Read API Documentation

Payment Processing

With our solution you can build payment systems for your customers inside your commerce website, online or mobile game or gambling platform

E-commerce Module

We will help you to integrate crypto payment in one of popular e-commerce cms: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and others

Download WooCommerce (Worpdress) Plugin

Customer Dev

We are always ready to help you to integrate payment crypto processing to your business platform or develop a special use case for you

Programmable money

For professionals and innovators

Smart contracts

Our blockchain solution supports smart contract on C++. Develop your own smart contract with financial algorithms and deploy it to decentralized network.


Provide trust between a buyer and a seller in a transaction using smart contracts for escrow and external databases.

Dapps (Check Github)

Transfer your smart contract from other blockchain to PlasmaDLT easily. Use stable currency and instant OAuth 2.0 onboarding in your dapp.


Use PlasmaDLT for creating decentralized financial products , such as p2p loans, deposits, scoring systems, supply chains...

Database of DeFi →

For developers

Join our community and marketplace

If you are a dapps or protocol developer, we have prepared a marketplace of application for you. Send us your dex, game, smart contract or decentralized application created on Plasma for review and after authorization we will add it to the internal marketplace for our customers.

If you are an individual developer, an integrator company, a fintech startup or just an enthusiast, fill and submit a short questionnaire and we will add you to our list of partners.

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Simple pricing for fiat payments

No limits, no contracts.
Only processing fee for every transaction.

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