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We bring fast and free transactions to DeFi while offering fiat on-/off-ramp and beautiful apps for the masses. Join us and be part of the DeFi revolution
Banking 2.0

We are building the financial services and infrastructure for the global digital economy of DeFi and Web 3.0.

PlasmaPay Products
Servicing 160+ countries and over 100.000 users and businesses since 2018

• PlasmaPay Wallet

• Mobile Apps

• Corporate Account

• Fiat on-/off-ramp

• Plasma DLT

Your decentralized bank is here.
Free, flexible & global.
Welcome to freedom, the DeFi way.

PlasmaPay wallet supports:
• Non-custodial BTC, ETH wallet
• 3000+ ERC-20 tokens
• Plasma DLT stablecoins
• Crypto-to-crypto exchange

PlasmaPay Products
Servicing 160+ countries and over 100.000 users and businesses since 2018

• PlasmaPay wallets

• Mobile Apps

• Corporate Account

• Fiat on-/off-ramp

• Plasma DLT

Digital Money in your pocket

Native mobile apps for IOS and Android:
• BTC, ETH, Plasma Wallet
• Instant exchange crypto to crypto
• Payment protocol (BIP70-BIP73)
Google Play

PlasmaPay Products
Servicing 160+ countries and over 100.000 users and businesses since 2018

• PlasmaPay wallets

• Mobile Apps

• Corporate Account

• Fiat on-/off-ramp

• Plasma DLT

digital banking for business without boundaries and limits

Crypto/fiat account for your business. Accept cryptocurrency and cards as a payment method in 150+ countries. You can withdraw funds to a corporate bank account or use it for investments in crypto and DeFi.

PlasmaPay Products
Servicing 160+ countries and over 100.000 users and businesses since 2018

• PlasmaPay wallets

• Mobile Apps

• Corporate Account

• Fiat on-/off-ramp

• Plasma DLT

Purchase cryptocurrency instantly and at the best rate

PlasmaPay integrated and support different payment methods in 150+ countries:
• Visa/MC bank cards
• FPS in United Kingdom
• 25+ Digital Banks in SEA region
• E-wallets (AdvCash)

PlasmaPay Products
Servicing 160+ countries and over 100.000 users and businesses since 2018

• PlasmaPay wallets

• Mobile Apps

• Corporate Account

• Fiat on-/off-ramp

• Plasma DLT

Plasma blockchain Development Infrastructure for Dapp and DeFi developers

PlasmaPay is supporting all new tokens and dapps on Plasma Blockchain.
Use Plasma IDE, pre-build smart-contracts or deploy your contract to the mainet using PlasmaPay developer portal.
Decentralized financial infrastructure as a new digital economic system

Powered by Plasma DLT

Plasma is a blockchain and application infrastructure with a mission to decentralize the centralized financial services industry (CeFi).
Plasma technology allows developers to build robust financial tools to liberate the people to take back their power and truly control their assets.
Developers will be able to use Plasmas building blocks such as the fiat on and off-ramp gateways to develop new DeFi protocols and dApp’s.
Online businesses, mobile/web developers and e-commerce companies are just some examples of organizations that can greatly benefit from utilizing tools build on top of Plasma such as using PlasmaPay’s payment processing system to replace their current system. Benefits include payment processing, sending & receive payments regardless of card provider or bank, cross-border transactions all with zero commissions and instant liquidity.

Plasma Blockchain

A first layer protocol optimized for cross border payments, digital currency innovation and speed.

top Layer: dApps

New internet layer of distributed applications (games, services, platforms, social networks) that based on Plasma blockchain.

Middle layer: Financial Assets

Tokenized financial assets (fiat, stocks, commodities, etc.), for trading and storing in digital wallets and processing on Plasma Blockchain.

oAuth connector
for web 3.0 dapps

A new protocol standard and authorization layer for decentralized applications on Plasma Blockchain without the need for external applications or extensions.

Layer one: Plasma

Layer One Blockchain with instant and cost effective transactions. Built specifically for Web 3.0 and the processing of dApps, DeFi, DAO’s and CBDC.
utility functions

PPAY Token

total Emission: 1B PPAY
PPAY is the utility token of PlasmaPay (ERC20). PPAY is designed as the all-in-one defi service token combining access, rewards, staking and governance functions. The PPAY token will be used as a bridge between Ethereum and cost-effective Plasma blockchain.


Release schedule: 1Q-21
Provide LP tokens in HyperLoop and start Earn PPAY tokens on you liquidity.


Release schedule: 1Q-21

Trade assets between blockchain in cross-chain and pay fees in PPAY token. HyperLoop is a cross-chain DEX with the highest reward for liquidity providers, micro commissions and instant transaction speed.


Release schedule: 1Q-21
Use PPAY to make in-app purchase in PlasmaPay. With PPAY token you will be able to purchase short name for Plasma accounts, order bank cards and receive loyalty points and cashback from the card.

{Dex Pools}

Release schedule: 4Q-20
Staking PPAY in lending/borrowing protocols, provide liquid pools in popular DeFi dApps and earn % from trade.


Release schedule: 2Q-21
Stake PPAY and earn PPAY with our flexible and timely locked staking methods.


Release schedule: 3Q-21
Staking of PPAY allows the community to vote for delegates, control development foundation, vote for defi projects and for protocols changes / updates.
1 PPAY = 1 Vote

PPAY tokenomics

total Emission: 1B PPAY

PPAY DeFI architecture


Previous milestones

1Q 2018
2Q 2018
3Q 2018
4Q 2018
1Q 2019
2Q 2019
3Q 2019
4Q 2019
1Q 2020
2Q 2020
3Q 2020

Initial stage: Team building

We gathered the best team of enthusiasts and hackers and got ready to work seven days a week to build the future for digital money

MVP Wallet

We set up a full nodes of main chains and launched our non-custodial BTC and ETH wallet

🔥 Successful launches Beta

Strong interface,
non-custodial wallets:
- BTC wallet
- ETH wallet

Few major updates for wallet

- ERC20 tokens support
- Simplex (buy crypto with card)
- Messenger bots
- Two Factor Authentication
Plasma Chain

Successful launches Testnet - Beta

Full launch testing and loads of producer nodes

Successful launches Plasma Wallet

Our Plasma Chain has got an interface and wallet

Successful launches IOS/Android App

The mobile version of the web wallet is now available. It has non-custodial BTC/ETH wallets and exchange.

🔥 Business Account

Plasma Alliance agreed with Visa/MC card processing providers and bank on integration and launched a crypto-fiat accounts for ecommerce businesses

🚀 Crypto Checkout

Plasma Alliance opened a corporate account on 5 major cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Bittrex and etc.) and launched a service to purchase cryptocurrency with a bank card and at the best rate

Supports EU and Asia Banks

We are not limited to one fiat partner, and for the stability of the system, we are constantly in the race for better conditions and security. We've integrated with 25 SEA digital banks

OAUTH for dApp on Plasma Chain

We made it possible to connect and create applications in the wallet, thereby anyone who created the application receives the interface of the personal account for users
Plasma Chain

Public Smart-Contracts Environment

We've published on our GitHub the main Plasma Contract standards with IDE and opened the door for external developers
Plasma Chain

Successful launches Mainnet Liberty

Plasma Mainet is live now with high TPS and more than 25 nodes that distributed all over the Globe. The major ewallet player in CIS region Qiwi launched their full Plasma node to support our bridge between fiat and crypto.
Plasma Chain

Successful launches Data Explorer

Statistics of all transactions, rates, and the slightest movement in the PlasmaChain, outside observers can now also help control the integrity
Plasma Chain

Successful launches 42 StableCoins

Now Plasma Chain supports 42 stablecoins fully backed by fiat in distributed bank' accounts and EMI companies. Any Dapp and DeFi developer can use it in their applications with the lowest 0.01% transaction fee.


Future milestones

4Q 2020
1Q 2021
2Q 2021
3Q 2021
4Q 2021

Launches PPAY token

New utility token of Plasma ecosystem, to accelerate development and achieve decentralization

Successful launches Defi Dashboard MVP (ERC-20)

Interface inside the PlasmaPay wallet, with access for other alternative wallets to the functions of DeFI projects, testing on the PPAY token. includes functions:
- Swap
- Liquid Pools
Plasma Chain

HyperLoop cross-chain beta (Ethereum to PLASMA

Bridge protocol for controlling locked assets in multiple chains and unlocking in active ones
Plasma Chain

Successful launches Synthetics protocol

Supplement to the bridge protocol for the atomic creation of synth tokens secured by blocking in alternative blockchain as example Ethereum
Plasma Chain

HyperLoop cross-chain oracle network

Hyperloop bridge protocol management, should evaluate not only the rates, but the total value of the transaction, the number of tokens, transfer of ownership, and other indicators to achieve transparency in the transportation of assets.

PPAY token activates Staking

PPAY holders will earn a portion of the trade fees based on the amount of xPPAY held relative to the weight of the staking. Where the tokens are staked to ensure the network remains secure, as good Delegates in Governance are rewarded, and bad actors lose their stake

Launches Defi Dashboard Beta

- Staking
- Lending
- Borrow
- Governance
- Yield Farming
Plasma Chain

HyperLoop Cross-Chain Bridge in Mainnet

Launch in combat mode and start trading on real assets

🚀 Defi Dashboard Beta

- Uniswap
- Balancer
- Compound
- Aave
- Synthetix

Pre-order for Crypto Card

Token holders will be able to order cards under better conditions, for the future circulation of a decentralized non-custodian account, your card will open access to ATMs and online stores around the world
Plasma Chain

HyperLoop Cross-Chain support

- Cosmos
- Binance Chain

Defi Dashboard Update

Support new assets:
- Cosmos
- BinanceChain

Launch Crypto Card program

First cardholders will be able to start testing and spending their crypto coins everywhere
Plasma Chain

New mobile apps IOS/Android with all functions in web PlasmaPay

Our web application is always ahead, but we do not forget about mobile applications, however, they must be identical
Plasma Chain

Public launches of Plasma Chain and Node program

Launch in combat mode and start trading on real assets





Payment Systems



plasmapay future products

Ethereum <> Plasma Cross-chain DEX and Hyperloop

Provide your liquidity in Hyperloop cross-chain protocol and trade your cryptocurrency and DeFi on Plasma Chain DEX with instant transaction speed and without gas fee

plasmapay future products

DeFi Pro dashboard

Dashboard helps non-technical users to acquire, track and manage DeFi protocols including an on-ramp for yield farming projects.

plasmapay future Products

Instant FIAT to Crypto

Buy and Sell your favorite cryptocurrencies with your bank card or ApplePay.
Crypto Made Easy.

plasmapay future products

Bank Card backed
by Crypto and DeFi tokens

Virtual and physical bank card with your cryptocurrency and defi on it. Add card to ApplePay,spent crypto online and offline, or instantly withdraw it to cash in any ATM.

Advisory Board

Experts who help us building a new digital economy

Kyle Chasse

VC, Master Ventures

Simon Je

MBA, Fintech, IBDI

Ekaterina Volkova

VC, Blockchain

Prof. Graham Leach


Calvin Ng

Plutus VC

Dane Hoy

VC, Blockchain

Masha Prusso

PR, Blockchain

Anton Trantin

VC, Executive, YC

Ivan Ivanov

Uvecon.VC (HK)

Charles Lam

Fintech,HK Cyberport

Eric Clark Su


Neha Soni

India, Blockchain

Sergey Sevantsyan

VC, Ambassador

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25 top cybersecurity, blockchain, fintech and UI engineers


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