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Our borderless personal financial
platform for millennials and entrepreneurs

Personal banking in your pocket for people of digital era

Secured Wallet

Manage and store your digital assets on the go like money in your pocket

Buy/Sell Crypto

Convert Fiat/Crypto/Fiat by the best price on the market and buy cryptocurrency with credit card without hidden fees

P2P Remittance

The most effective, borderless and unlimited way of money transfer for business and individuals

Activate your blockchain Power with
the most promising digital assets

Blockchain assets and cryptocurrency

You can open blockchain account and create wallets in any of the top technologically advanced crypto-currencies

Stable asset-backed tokens

Crypto asset with stable price without any volatility and means legally-enforceable certificates of ownership of the US dollar

Tokens and digital collectibles

The future model of ownership and tokenized economy. Hold any contract or e-things in your wallet

We help people and businesses to connect globally without limits and borders

We speak 36 languages and operate worldwide

For people who value privacy and
security of capital

P2P Banking

The new era of self-banking and p2p financial services at your device and secure messengers

4Q 2018

AI RoboInvest

Roboadvising with AI and bots based on math algorithms helps you to grow your capital in long terms

2Q 2019

Anonymous Vault

Keep any amount of money on your crypto wallets with protection from volatility and biometric access

1Q 2019

Take your first step to bright and
limitless financial future

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